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Rents Are Rising 4 Times Faster Than They Did in 2020

Imagine paying $1500/month for rent in 2021 and getting a renewal letter for $2079. That’s the reality for those living in the metropolitan area where rental prices are accelerating the fastest according to the Single-Family Rent Index (SFRI) released today month by CoreLogic. Read More

Stock Market vs. CRE

Market Update: Coronavirus Impact on Real Estate Stock market correction spurs portfolio re-calibration. As the new coronavirus (COVID-19) broke free from China, the prospects of increased economic risks drove Wall Street into a flight to safety. Over the course of the following three weeks, the S&P 500 index fell 30 percent and pushed the 10-year…
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“I appreciate your congratulations on this day of “recording” that seemed to elude us despite heroic efforts by many, including yourself. It was a year-long journey with many ups and downs and some moments of despair. I thought we worked well together despite some rocky moments. My family and I appreciated your tenacity and your ability…
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